iTribunal is an Employment Law firm operating in the United Kingdom.    We are specialists, only handling Employment Tribunal claims for claimants.   We are currently recruiting Barristers and Solicitors in the UK Paralegals in South Africa and Jamaica.    Follow the links to find out more about these positions, or scroll down to find out more about our firm.


iTribunal is powered by powerful software, written specifically for our firm, to manage all aspects of Employment Tribunal cases.   All staff work from home – or from their barristers’ chambers – at times and days to suit them.     When you start working for us, you agree a number of new cases that you would like to handle each week.   Based on our experience, we can advise you of how many hours per week, on average, it would take to handle that caseload.   You can work when you like, and where you like – our only proviso is that you must find time to get through the work associated with your caseload.



Although we are structured as a low-cost firm, we build quality into everything we do.   All of our cases are led by an experienced lawyer, normally a Solicitor or Barrister, based in the UK.    They meet claimants, conduct settlement negotiations and represent claimants at tribunal hearings.   Lawyers are supported by a team of Paralegals who have at least three years’ relevant experience.

A claimant begins by going through a rigorous interview using our bespoke software, asking questions relevant to their case.   The system was developed by an experienced employment lawyer and focuses on the key questions required to substantiate a case.   All new cases then go through a dedicated New Cases team who gather additional information from the claimant and conduct initial settlement negotiations.   Only when a case has been thoroughly vetted in this way is it passed to a lawyer to take over.  Through screening cases in this way, we ensure that Lawyers only begin work on cases with merit.

We do not offer No Win No Fee.   Our charging model requires all claimants to pay a fixed upfront fee before we start handling their case.   This leads to more buy-in from claimants, and less spurious claims.

careers available

We currently have the following opportunities available

Barristers & Solicitors (UK Based)

Qualified barristers or solicitors with Employment Law expertise.   Work from home, full-time or part-time available.    Must live in England, Scotland or Wales.

Expected Earnings (Full-Time) £45K - £60K per year

Paralegals (South Africa)

Experienced paralegals, or candidates with at least 3 years experience in a law firm, including case management.    Work from home, full-time and part-time available.

Expected Earnings (Full-Time) R 20,000 per month

Paralegals (Jamaica & Caribbean)

Experienced paralegals, or candidates with at least 3 years experience in a law firm, including case management.    Work from home, full-time and part-time available.    English mother-tongue essential.

Expected Earnings (Full-Time) US$ 1,600 per month


Can I Really Work Whatever Hours I Want?

Yes and No.   You agree an amount of new cases per month that you would like us to assign to you.   You need to get through all the required work on each of these cases.    Obviously some cases will be simpler than others, so some will require a minimum of work, whilst others will be more complex.   Most communication with the Tribunal, the Respondent and the Claimant takes place by email, so you can organise your working day and your hours to suit you.

Will I Be Employed?

No, our staff are self-employed.   You decide what hours you want to work.

I Am A Paralegal But I Don't Have Labour Law Experience - Can I Still Apply

Yes.   We obviously prefer people with labour law experience, but if you have at least 3 years’ experience as a Paralegal we are happy to consider you.    We will provide you with training and you will have the support of experienced UK Solicitors and Barristers to help you where required.

How Is Training Provided? Will I Need To Travel To Be Trained?

For South African and Caribbean Paralegals, training is provided online and you have regular Skype chats with a trainer / mentor.   For UK-based Barristers and Solicitors, some training will be undertaken face-to-face.   We will cover travel expenses and hotel costs where required.

Is There Anything I Need To Pay?

No, we don’t charge you anything.   But you will need to provide your own computer and pay for your own high-speed internet connection.

Can I Choose Which Cases I Work On?

To an extent yes.   As UK Solicitor or Barrister we will always try to give you cases which are local to you – minimising travel times to hearings – and if you have a particular interest such as handling Race or Disability cases, we will also try to prioritise these cases for you.    Before our New Cases Team hands a case over to you, they will ask you to have a quick look and check that you’re happy with the case, and at this point if you have concerns you can discuss them.